Col. Andrzej GIETKA, Ph.D. Eng.

Col. Andrzej GIETKA completed his studies at the Electronic Department of the Military University of Technology in 1988 with MSc degree in electronics with specialization of organization and exploitation of communication systems. His master thesis was the “System of identification of maximum signal amplitude in multichannel system”. After graduation he has been posted for one-year command internship at the Regiment of Radio Recognition in Skierniewice. Next, in 1989 he started to work at the Institute of Quantum Electronics MUT (now the Institute is a part of IOE MUT). During the work at MUT, he attended numerous courses on the Fundamental Problems of Standardization and Preparations for Audit and he obtained a title of the Military Quality Auditor. In 2002, he completed the post-graduate studies in pedagogy. In MUT, he started to work at the Gas Lasers Division and dealt with construction and investigations of power supply systems of CO2 lasers and power measurement systems of laser radiation. For development of micro-surgical lancet, as one of its constructors, he obtained Rector Award in 1991, next Rector Award for elaboration and implementation of laser fluorescence analysers for medical diagnosis in 1999. The third Rector Award he obtained in 2004 for elaboration of optoelectronic system for monitoring of contaminants emission in thermal waste incineration plant. From 1998 to 2014 he was involved in the works on: power supply systems of fluorescence and LED illuminators employed in PDT method that allows for detection of tumor tissues, a system for fluorescence decay time of new laser materials, and elaboration and performance of measuring stand for determination of spectral characteristics of UV detectors within the frame of government program the Development of Blue Optoelectronics. For the last five years, he has participated in twenty scientific-research works, grants, expertises, scientific-service works, ordered research projects, and targeted projects. These works include investigations and elaboration of systems for remote detection of chemical and biological weapon and implementation works, e.g., modernization of laser shooting simulators PSL-1 and elaboration of a system warning against laser radiation SOL-1.

                Other achievements - award-winning „Device for therapy with magnetic field and light energy Viofor JPS System Clinic” of Med&Life which was a winner of the Polish Product of the Future, 2002, Gold Medal with Distinction in Medicine and Biotechnology, Gdańsk 2003, Gold ESCULAP Poznań 2004, and Silver Medal at the 52nd World Innovation Exhibition in Geneve, 2004. For development of “Integrated electro-optic systems for continuous monitoring of air pollution” and “Movable sensor for remote methane detection” he received two silver medals at the 52 World Innovation Exhibition, Research and New Technology “Brussels Eureka 2003” and the cup of the Minister of Economy. In 2005, his “Integrated electro-optic systems for continuous monitoring of air pollution” were the winner of the 6th International Competition EKO 2005 in Czestochowa. As a many-year volleyball player of MUT team he gained leading positions at the Competitions of Military Education Staff and at the Competitions of the Polish Army Staff.

He obtained doctor degree for doctoral thesis on „Laser system for methane remote detection using correlation method of optical signals detection” at IOE MUT in 2012. In 2013, he was promoted to colonel degree and started to work as a head of the Optoelectronic Technology Division. Since March 2015, he has fulfilled the duties of deputy director for Military Affairs.