IOE Council

The council is a collegial organ of the Institute of Optoelectronics. The Council resolutions, received for the matters being in the range of its competence and non-reserved for the MUT Senate, are obligatory for the Institute’s Director and for all members of the Institute’s academic community with exclusion of the resolutions suspended by the director or the commandant of the University under the MUT Statutes regulations.

The Council is authorised to confer the doctor of philosophy and doctor of science degrees in technical sciences in the field of electronics. The Council consists of highly qualified scientists of perennial experience in optoelectronics.

The competences of the IOE Council are as follows:

  • determination of general directions of the Institute activity, study plans, and education programs,
  • presentation of the opinion of the Institute’s academic community in all matters which this community is interested in,
  • supervision on scientific activity of the Institute, scientific and didactic development of the Institute workers, and on the proper realization of a didactic process,
  • opinions on material-financial plans of the Institute and determination of principles on distribution of financial means for organizational units of the Institute within the frame of the rules that are obligatory for MUT,
  • expressing opinions on petitions of personal matters.

Detailed competences of The Council are defined in „Regulations of the IOE Council”