National and international collaboration has been and still is one of the most important scientific and didactic activities of IOE that started from the beginning of the Institute formation. In the last decade, this form of IOE activity has become very intensive, especially in the range of international collaboration.

Over 30 papers, mentioned on Journal Citation Reports (JCR) list, published from 2010 to 2012, together with foreign co-authors were the result of scientific collaboration with foreign scientific centres. Scientific activity of some teams is not possible without intensive and multi-layer international collaboration.

Very important factor of IOE scientific activity is also international collaboration in scientists’ education. A few our workers have completed their doctoral studies at leading scientific USA institutions (Purdue University, Colorado State University) and Western Europe institutions (French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis; ISL). Our students, during 2nd stage studies and doctoral studies have interned and now intern short, several-week lasting, traineeships, and scientific practices in well-known scientific institutions of Western Europe and USA.

Due to intensive scientific contacts, a few our graduate students and workers have been employed in well known scientific institutions (e.g. HiLASE Prague, Czech Republic, Lund University, Sweden). Currently, IOE takes part in the EXTATIC Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate programme. At present, IOE MUT hosts four foreign PhD students involved in the EXTATIC programme.

IOE very actively participates in EU, European Defence Agency, and NATO initiatives. IOE workers take part in the work of groups, panels, and units of these institutions as well as IOE MUT research teams participate in the projects coordinated by these organizations.


The IOE research teams have participated in the EU Framework Programmes, starting from the 5th Framework Programme. Moreover, IOE has taken part and now takes part in initiatives of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) programme and in the projects performed in the frame of EUREKA initiative. IOE participated also in the project co-financed by EU within the frame of Operational Programme Innovative Economy (POIG). In the last years, IOE has obtained significant financial means from UE funds (within the frame of POIG) for modernization of laboratories –OPTOLAB complex.

Ongoing projects financed from EU funds


Completed projects financed from EU funds



  IOE actively participate in works and programmes of the European Defence Agency (EDA). Many our workers took part in works of the Capability Technology (CAPTECH) EDA as national coordinators and as experts. Research teams of IOE were also the partners of many projects implemented within the frame of EDA programmes. At present, IOE participates in two projects in the frame of Joint Investment Programme on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Protection (JIP CBRN) – RAMBO - Rapid Air-particle Monitoring against BiOlogical threats and AMURFOCAL - Active MUltispectral Reflection Fingerprinting of persistent ChemicAL agents.


For over three years IOE has been a member of the Integrated Mission Group for Security (IMG-S) in 6th technological area (TA6) concerning protection against CBRNE threats. IMG-S is a group consociating representatives of European industry, small and medium enterprises (SME), governmental organizations, research organizations (RTO), and universities. IMG-S due to its activity tries to determine the priority research goals in the range of safety at European level and to influence on adequate European institutions in order to reach these goals within the frame of EU Framework Programmes. IMG-S gives the possibility of development of contacts among main European centres operating within safety area.


IOE workers have actively participated and now they participate in panel works of previous NATO organization for Research and Technology (RTO NATO), currently named NATO Organization for Science and Technology (STO NATO).



Since 2012, IOE has collaborated with American Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Due to collaboration within the frame of Transatlantic Collaborative Biological Resiliency Demonstration TaCBRD Programme DTRA, the lidar systems, elaborated at IOE, have been tested by IOE’s team for two weeks on Dugway Proving Ground in USA.