European Defence Agency (EDA)

IOE actively participates in various EDA activities and programmes. Many of our workers took part in works of the Capability Technology (CAPTECH) EDA groups as national coordinators and as experts. Moreover, our workers are or were members of the Executive Management Group (EMG) in several projects of EDA programmes. IOE research teams were also the partners in many projects carried out within EDA programmes. At present, IOE participates in three projects of EDA programmes.

IOE workers participating in EDA activities:

  • CapTech ESM04 CBRNe & HF - CapTech National Coordinator (CNC) and CapTech Governmental Expert (CGE) (2009-2011) – Maj. Bartłomiej Jankiewicz, PhD.
  • EDA C-IED Detection Expert Group – Lt. Col. Janusz Mikołajczyk, PhD.
  • project BIOTYPE (EDA JIP-CBRN) EMG member – Aneta Bombalska, PhD.
  • project MICLID (EDA JIP-CBRN) EMG member – Maj. Jacek Wojtanowski, PhD.



Category B projects (co-financed by the project’s partners)

  • TIPPSI - THz Imaging Phenomenology Platforms for Stand-off IED Detection (2013-2018)
  • FABIOLA - Application of Extended Fluorescence Methods for Improved Detection of Biological Warfare Agents (2004-2008)

EDA Joint Investment Programme on CBRN Protection (JIP CBRN) 2013-2016

  • RAMBO - Rapid Air-particle Monitoring against BiOlogical threats (2013-2016)
  • AMURFOCAL - Active MUltispectral Reflection Fingerprinting Of persistent ChemicAL agents (2013-2016)

EDA Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection (JIP FP) 2007-2010

  • ADHELW - Air Defence High Energy Laser Weapon
  • AHEAD - Advanced Helmet and Devices for Individual Protection
  • SNIPOD - SNIper Positioning and detection