Programmes, Platforms and Networks

IOE Activity in national and international collaboration is based on participation in programmes, platforms, and networks that associate institutions operating in the range of IOE research interests. IOE carries out activity in MUT Polish Technological Platform of Safety Systems (PTPSS). IOE is a participant of such national networks as DIFFRACTIVE OPTICS, POLISH OPTOELECTRONICS, OPTOKLASTER (MAZOVIAN KLASTER of INNOVATIVE PHOTONIC TECHNOLOGIES), and POLLASNET.

National Platforms and Networks

IOE MUT participates in, EU co-financed, the Centre of Advanced Materials and Technologies (CEZAMAT) project,  which is aimed at creation of the platform integrating researchers community. This platform is created for inter-disciplinary development of research on innovative materials and technologies.

IOE international collaboration has been developed and is continously being developed in the networks, established within the European programmes, such as EUROPEAN LASER TECHNOLOGY and APPLICATIONS NETWORK - EULASNET, ELI - European Light Infrastructure and LASERLAB EUROPE II as well as within various COST Actions.

International Platforms and Networks


Participation in OPTOKLASTER network has contributed to IOE involvement into PHOENIX (Photonics and Optoelectronics Network) initiative.

The aim of this initiative is creation and development of long-lasting cross-border networks of competence and economic cooperation between science and research world and business entities from metropolitan regions of Berlin and Warsaw in the field of optical technologies.

IOE participates in the Extreme-ultraviolet and X-ray Training in Advanced Technologies for Interdisciplinary Cooperation – EXTATIC project of EU programme Erasmus Mundus. This project offers a unique inter-disciplinary training program in the scope of EUV and X-ray radiation which encompasses practical training, workshops, and courses.