Infrared Technology and Thermovision Division

Infrared Technology and Thermovision Division carries out fundamental and application research on non-contact temperature measurements and thermal measurements as well on infrared technology that is used in devices developed for the Polish Army. Majority of research works was financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in form of: statutory tasks, research projects (grants), supervised research projects, and goal-oriented projects. Also there are performed the works contracted by the Rector of MUT (own research works, expertise for the Army), as well as the works contracted by other scientific centres and economic entities. In the recent years, the subject matter of the statue research has concerned the thermographic and spectroradiometric investigations of objects and development of integrated sets of optoelectronic and vibro-acoustic sensors used for military applications. At present, the works are focused on the development of thermal imaging camera with non-cooled detector and thermal imaging camera with cooled detector, both for the Polish Armed Forces needs.

 Research works carried out at Infrared Technology and Thermovision Division include:

  • Military applications of IR
    • Thermodetection systems for smart ammunition
    • Multisensor detection systems
    • IR sensors for security systems
    • Devices for objects detection in IR
    • Monitoring thermal cameras with cooled and non-cooled detectors
    • Thermal cameras for the system of indivdual soldier equipment
  • Thermovision and IR pyrometry
    • Thermovision investigations and thermograms interpretation
    • Design and fabrication of IR pyrometers
    • Design and fabrication of standard IR sources
    • Standardization and calibration of IR pyrometers
    • Investigations on parameters and characteristics of thermal cameras, visible range cameras, and laser rangefinders
  • Investigations of elements and thermodetection systems
    • Determination of spectral characteristics of IR detectors
    • Determination of spectral characteristics of optical elements
    • Determination of angular characteristics of IR sensors
    • Climatic tests of IR detection systems
  • Modelling and theoretical analyses
    • Modelling of detection processes of infrared radiation
    • Modelling of operation of thermodetection systems and devices
    • Determination of objects’ signatures in IR
    • Determination of operation ranges of thermodetection devices

Head of the Division
Prof. Henryk MADURA
tel. (+48) 261 839 383


Infrared Technology and Thermovision Division
Institute of Optoelectronics
Military University of Technology
ul. gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2
00-908 Warsaw