Laser Technology Division

Laser Technology Division is involved in fundamental and application research connected with development of laser radiation sources, laser plasma sources of soft x-ray radiation (SXR) and extreme ultraviolet (EUV), as well as with laser application in military technology, material engineering, measuring techniques, medicine, and works of art conservation.

The Division carries out investigations on, widely understood, diode pumped lasers (DPL) including: design of optical elements, resonators, construction of pulse DPL for special and industrial applications, characteristics of new active media and nonlinear crystals, systems of nonlinear radiation conversion including parametric generation, investigations on spatial distributions of laser beams.

The subject matter of the works carried out at the Laser Technology Division concerns:

  • diode pumped pulse tunable lasers generating in a spectral range of 1 - 3 µm and their application in military, technological, and metrological devices;  
  • fibre-optic supercontinuum generators in a spectral range of 1-4 µm;
  • pulse laser systems made entirely with fibre optic technology; generating radiation in eye-safe spectral range;    
  • development, investigations, and construction of optoelectronic measuring systems;
  • development, investigations, and construction of power supply systems and control of laser sources’ parameters;  
  • laser sources for military and technological applications;  
  • optimization and application of laser-plasma SXR radiation sources and EUV radiation sources in materials investigations, microscopy, surface engineering, micro-treatment, and nanolithography;
  • laser treatment of materials using non-thermal ablation process with interaction of ultra-short laser pulses, investigations of laser ablation process, and application of laser technology for works of art conservation;               
  • analyses of weapon systems employing highly-energetic pulse lasers.      

Highly qualified scientific workers, modern laboratories well equipped with research apparatus ensure high level of the carried out research works and students teaching. A lot of scientific papers, written by the Laser Technology Division workers, have been published in the reviewed journals indexed by Philadelphia Institute for Scientific Information. Research works are conducted in 4 research groups.


Head of Division
Dr. Andrzej BARTNIK
tel. (+48) 22 683 9612



Division Structure


Solid State Lasers Group

Group Leader
Prof. Andrzej ZAJĄC
tel. (+48) 22 683 7398




Laser Optics Group  

Group Leader
tel. (+48) 22 683 7088


Laser Applications Group  

Group Leader
tel. (+48) 22 683 9345



Laser Matter Interaction Group

Group Leader
tel. (+48) 22 683 9430




Fibre Laser Technology Group  

Group Leader
Col. Jacek ŚWIDERSKI, DSc Eng
tel. (+48) 261 839 842



Laser Technology Division
Institute of Optoelectronics
Military University of Technology
gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2
00-908 Warsaw