Optoelectronic Systems Division

The carried out research-development works concern application of modern optoelectronic detection systems and fibre optic and terahertz technology in safety systems and in the systems for critical infrastructure objects’ protection. Advanced works on application of modern optoelectronic systems in IR for detection and tracking of air targets and optoelectronic homing warheads are conducted. Also, the laboratory for investigations of optoelectronic imaging devices is working.

Unique laboratory and field tests apparatus allow for carrying out the research, construction, and implementation works within the scope of short-range anti-aircraft defence, fibre optic and terahertz technology. The apparatus ensures also high-level students teaching. The results of research works implemented in cooperation with industry are applied in the Polish Army and civil institutions. At present, the works on multisensor system for ground protection of strategic objects, monitoring system of open air and terahertz system for hidden hazardous materials detection are carried out.

Research works carried out at the Division

  • design-constructional works connected with modernisation of ani-aircraft homing warheads and warheads for mid-range water to water missiles;  
  • simulation of technical parameters of warheads and simulation of missiles trajectory dynamics (also in the presence of natural and artificial objects disturbing missile guidance)
  • systems for training operators of portable missile systems
  • missiles modernization in cooperation with industry and laboratory and field investigations of the developed devices ;
  • optimisation of wide-band detection module for long-wave IR radiation (8-12 μm);
  • optimization of highly sensitive photoreceivers operating in EUV, VIS, and IR range.
  • investigation of systems used for concentration of vapours of explosives as well as of devices for thermal decomposition of explosives     
  • investigations on optical and electrical parameters of cascade lasers (QCL) and optimization of their controlling   :
  • methods and measuring systems for thermal cameras, TV cameras, night-vision devices, laser devices, and multisensor observation devices;            
  • elaboration of fibre optic sensors for electronic protection of extended objects;              
  • design, providing opinions, and technical acceptances of electronic systems for critical infrastructure protection;               
  • investigations of signatures of hazardous agents (explosives, drugs) and investigations of characteristics of composite materials with THz spectroscopy;       
  • investigations of integrated radar-camera systems for airports and sea ports protection;

The division consists of three groups and the workers of two groups are involved in extensive teaching activities. Research base of these groups comprises separate laboratories for students’ laboratory classes.

Head of Division
tel. (+48) 261 839 353


Division Structure

Quantum Electronics Group  

Group Leader
Prof. Zbigniew PUZEWICZ
tel. (+48) 261 839 512




Optical Signals Detection Group

Group Leader
Lt. Col. Jacek WOJTAS, DSc Eng
tel. (+48) 261 8397943


Security Systems Group  

Group Leader
Prof. Mieczysław SZUSTAKOWSKI
tel. (+48) 261 839 353



Optoelectronic Systems Division
Institute of Optoelectronics
Military University of Technology
ul. gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2
00-908 Warsaw