Optoelectronic Technologies Division

The Division carries out advanced research on optoelectronic materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology, spectroscopy, and plasmonics, as well as conducts design-implementation studies on complex devices and optoelectronic systems used in the army, medicine, and environmental protection. Development of modern devices, employing laser radiation for detection of various objects and detection of chemical and biological threats is possible due to well-equipped research laboratories and highly skilled scientific staff. Also there are carried out research works on laser deposition of nanostructures on various substrates, diagnostics of atmosphere pollution, integration of military optoelectronic systems, and fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures for detection of chemical and biological threats. The works for medical applications within the range of tumors diagnosis and therapy are continued.

The scope of the current works:

  • modern technologies and research methods on optoelectronic elements and systems
  • optoelectronic systems for fire control systems and battlefield simulation
  • spectral methods for remote detection of atmosphere contamination and pollution from chemical and biological sources
  • physics and optics of new types of lasers, especially lasers applicable in military systems of laser technology
  • laser-plasma ion sources for nanotechnology and materials investigations
  • laser deposition of thin layers and nanostructures - Nanotechnology Laboratory
  • biomaterials
  • analytical procedures for determination of microelements level and biologically active compounds
  • design, construction, and investigations of elements and optoelectronic sets for transmitting and receiving systems
  • Laser rangefinders, illuminators, and point finders
  • detection systems of laser radiation
  • optoelectronic systems for simulators
  • transmitting-receiving systems for coherent reception
  • measuring stands and methods for calibration and testing of optoelectronic military devices
  • standards and diagnostic sets for investigation of optoelectronic devices of military technology
  • plasmonic metal nanostructures applied for detection of chemical and biological substances – Nanotechnology Laboratory and Plasmonics Laboratory  

Optoelectronic Technologies Division carries out various studies ranging from materials investigations to development and construction of integrated devices. The studies are conducted by six research groups.

Head of Division

tel. (+48) 261 837 406

Division Structure

Optical Technologies Group

Group Leader
Col. Krzysztof KOPCZYŃSKI, PhD
tel. (+48) 261 839 717




Laser Teledetection Group

Group Leader
Maj. Gen. Prof. Zygmunt MIERCZYK
tel. (+48) 261 839 001




Nanotechnology Group

Group Leader
Maj Bartłomiej Jankiewicz, PhD
tel. (+48) 261 837 639




Optical Spectroscopy Group

Group Leader
Mirosław KWAŚNY, DSc
tel. (+48) 261 839 302




Biochemistry Group

Group Leader
MUT Prof. Alfreda GRACZYK, DSc
tel. (+48) 261 839 361





Optoelectronic Technologies Division
Institute of Optoelectronics
Military University of Technology
ul. gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego 2
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