Main directions of research works of IOE are connected with the needs of the army, national economy, medicine, and environmental protection. Subject area of research is correlated with currently applied and preferred research programs in Poland. Implementation of the programs is determined by the research possibilities of the teams, the potential of which significantly depends on precisely determined specialization and scientific achievements resulting form many years’ experience gained in carrying out investigations. At IOE, besides dominating applied investigations, directed into implementation of new technologies and elaboration of high-tech devices, also basic research is carried out. Due to numerous research works of applicable character, a lot of devices employing modern achievements of optoelectronics have been made. IOE laboratories are the most frequently visited places by various domestic and foreign delegations.


Main direction of the research carried out at IOE is still laser technology and its contemporary application. New types of lasers and laser active media, lasers in military and civil applications, laser radiation detection and radiation interaction with matter are the basic research area. Other important direction of works in the range, of widely understood, optoelectronics is infrared and thermovision range and the use of optoelectronic elements in safety systems.


Research works are carried out in four divisions and at the Accredited Testing Laboratory. The divisions have their own specificity and they concentrate on the definite group of problems. In four statutory divisions there are 15 research groups having significant independence in choosing and accomplishment of research works. They apply for projects and grants and realize them using their laboratory bases. Often the work subject concerns the interest of several groups and then they realize common research program. Accredited Testing Laboratory, besides research works provides services in optoelectronic metrology. Moreover, since 2013, in the IOE structure the Centre of Biomedical Engineering has started to operate and it will spread IOE MUT activity after opening the new laboratories.

IOE has implemented and now it implements a lot of national and international research projects including the projects within EU and European Defence Agency (EDA). Among foreign projects, the following ones should be mentioned: Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies (CEZAMAT), InTechFun - Innovative technologies of multifunctional material and structures for nanoelectronics, photonics, spinotronics and sensor technology; PROTEUS – Integrated mobile system supporting antiterroristic and anti-crisis operations; ELI – Extreme Light Inftrastructure, LASERLAB EUROPE II; TERAEYE - A fully passive THz inspection system based on nanotechnology for security applications; OPTOLAB – Development of laboratory basis of IOE MUT; AHEAD - Advanced Helmet and Devices for Individual Protection, AD-HELW - Air Defense High Energy Laser Weapon; DATABASE of B-AGENTS; SNIPOD - Sniper Positioning and Detection.

IOE carries out activity, within coordinated by MUT, the Polish Technological Platform of Safety Systems and it takes part in the works of DIFFRACTIVE OPTICS and POLLASNET networks. IOE is also a member of OPTOKLASTER – Mazovian Claster of Innovative Photonic Technologies and POLISH OPTOELECTRONICS.

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