At IOE, due to the carried out scientific-development works, a lot of devices and systems have been elaborated which were awarded at international fairs and exhibitions. Many of them have been implemented into production. Below, there are listed important proven implementations, applied results of research works, and reports.


  • New active media for transmitters generating “eye safe” radiation in military systems – the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw
  • Laser-plasma X-ray source – KAWASAKI, Japan
  • Valve systems for production of pulse gas target – Osaka University, Japan, National Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, Max-Born-Institute of Nonlinear Optics, Germany, Laser Laboratory, Goettingen, Germany, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, University of Central Florida, USA, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, Princeton University, USA, DESSY Laboratory, Germany
  • System warning against radiation of rangefinders and laser illuminators “LWR-H” for helicopters – Military Electronic Works, Zielonka
  • Warning system against laser radiation KenBIT for command vehicle, Warsaw
  • Implementation of detection systems FAD Mod.1 in P-22 rockets – the Headquarters of the Polish Navy, Gdynia
  • Laser renovation of Sigisimund’s Chapel of the Wawel Rogal Castle, Romanesque Church Collegiate in Tum near Łęczyca, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – Interacademy Institute for Conservation and Restoration of Artworks, Warsaw
  • Optimization of parameters and constructional-technological solutions of a coordinator of GROM rocket warhead, Transportation Equipment Factory PZL-Warsaw
  • Development of modern mobile Optoelectronic Station CYRKON 1M1 Design Implementation Enterprise AWAT, Warsaw
  • Optimization of missile system GROM for immobile targets- Metal Plant MESKO S.A., Skarżysko-Kamienna
  • Training device UST-1/2003 – Metal Plant MESKO S.A. Skarżysko-Kamienna
  • Multispectral IR pyrometer for remote temperature measurements of seawater – the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company “PETROBALTIC S.A., Gdynia
  • Laser system of firing simulator - Transportation Equipment Factory PZL-Warsaw II S.A., Warsaw
  • Field and stationary sets for IR cameras testing – Design Implementation Enterprise AWAT, Warsaw
  • Training sets for garrison and ground shooting ranges - Transportation Equipment Factory PZL-Warsaw II S.A., Warsaw
  • Laser shooting simulator - Transportation Equipment Factory PZL-Warsaw II S.A., Warsaw
  • Measuring systems for infrared and thermovision technology – INFRAMET, Skomlin
  • Laser engraving – ASGARD Company – advertising items, Poznań
  • Laser marking, cutting of metals and non-metals – BEAM Laser Gravering, Warsaw
  • Diagnostic dental lamp DLS 1405 – Production-Service Company POLITECH Sp. z o.o
  • Elaboration and implementation of manufacturing technology of optical elements of laser beam adjustment of KLON-54 and KLON-PS devices and of S-17WG-1 and FKP-JEU – Military Aviation Facility No 2, Bydgoszcz
  • Production of anti-reflective coatings at germanium and silicon lenses – VIGO System S.A., Warsaw
  • Device for therapy with magnetic field and light energy Viofor JPS System Źlinic – Med. & Life Sp. z o. o, Komorów
  • Elaboration and production of ophthalmic set with erbium Q-switched laser QLE 2004 – Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital, Ophthalmology Clinic, Warsaw
  • Cumulative charge EFP – Electromechanical Enterprises in Bydgoszcz BELMA S.A., Bydgoszcz
  • Elaboration and implementation of production technology of zinc hydrogen aspartate in form of tablets - Zincas – Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company “FARMAPOL”, Poznań
  • Construction of a test bench for photodiagnosis of skin changes – Military Medical Institute, Warsaw
  • Development of technology of ZINCUPRIN medicine – SUN-FAR Sp. z o.o., Polish Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Kołbiel
  • Development of passive, smart, multisensor system of target detection and explosively formed projectiles for a mine destroying attack helicopters and other chosen targets – Military Electronic Establishment, Grudziądz
  • Development of LIBS device for measurement of material composition - Transportation Equipment Factory PZL-Warsaw II S.A., Warsaw
  • Fiber spectrometers for laser excited fluorescence - Innovation-Implementation Enterprise AWAT, Warsaw, Medical Academy, Opthalmology Clinic, Warsaw
  • Technologies of production of elements and optical sets for optoelectronic systems, technologies of production of various thin-layer systems for chosen spectral ranges – LASERINSTRUMENTS, Warsaw, AWAT, Warsaw
  • Technology of receiving and purifying photosensibilisers for diagnosis and medical therapy - implemented in pharmaceutical company – POLFA, Jelenia Góra
  • Development of a stand for investigations of MRC characteristic of modern night vision devices and IR cameras investigations – Border Guard, Warsaw
  • Development of a project of technical security system of Warsaw Chopin Airport in Warsaw – PPL, Warsaw
  • Prototypes of IR sensors for object security systems – WZE, Grudziądz
  • Multisensor gas analyser – Oncology Hospital, Bydgoszcz

Implementation and application of research works reults


  1. Thermovision cameras with detector matrices for pointfinders and fire control systems.
  2. Observation-measuring binocular with eye-safe laser rangefinder, thermal camera, GPS receiver and electronic compass.
  3. Elaboration of temperature characteristics of sensors made on the basis of Bragg gratings.
  4. Elaboration of measuring procedures, investigations and estimation of usefulness of ceramics as optical media.
  5. Detection systems of IR homing seekers of marine rocket.


  1. Laser device for measurement of vehicle velocity.
  2. Modules of multispectral flame detectors.
  3. Elaboration and implementation into production the miniature MLI-50/3 laser used for telemetric systems


  1. Laser device for measurement of vehicle velocity.
  2. Modules of multispectral flame detectors.
  3. Elaboration, performance, and examination of a system warning against rangefinders and laser illuminators radiation for PROCJON-3 helicopter.
  4. Investigations on correlation with technical conditions (TC) of InSb and PbS photodetectors devoted to GSN GROM.
  5. Performance of detection systems of IR homing seekers of marine rocket
  6. Analyser for continuous monitoring of toxic substances emitted into atmosphere by waste incineration – its performance, assembly, activation, and calibration.
  7. Performance of control-measuring apparatus of KPA-FKU type for missile guidance ranges control.
  8. Maintenance, adjustment, and calibration of Energy Working Standard (EWS) No 01.
  9. Design and performance of a module of precise temperature regulator.


  1. Hardware and software modernization of IR multispectral pyrometer for remote temperature measurements of seawater surface.


  1. Analysis of detection systems for the devices warning against laser radiation directed to command vehicle.
  2. Investigations and testing of equipment and devices made by THALES OPTRONIQUE and THALES ANGENIEUK.
  3. Investigations on correlation with technical conditions (TC) of InSb and PbS photodetectors devoted to GSN GROM.
  4. Performance and investigations of special optical elements of airplanes for laser system of missiles guidance.
  5. Investigations of detection systems of IR homing seekers of marine rocket
  6. Development and performance of a prototype of multispectral optoelectronic sensor for smoke detection.
  7. Development of a system of optoelectronic shooting targets.
  8. Development of UV measuring systems at chosen working positions.
  9. Determination of elements content: calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, and cadmium using AAS technique with atomisation in flame and graphite furnace.
  10. Investigations on hydrophilicity and stability of new derivatives of 5-aminolewulinic acid (ALA) at various temperatures and Ph in aqueous solutions.
  11. Implementation of the modernized laser shooting simulator PLS-1 into production.
  12. Performance of a demonstrator of miniaturized advanced recognition system micro BSP.
    Expertise on the influence of sound intensity in the vicinity of amphitheatre situated in castle moat in Olsztyn.
  13. Performance of a monitoring system’ model of gaseous contaminants and investigations on sensitivity, selectivity, and model range characteristics.
  14. Working standard of laser power and energy.

IOE achievements contributing to art development

  1. Laser renovation of decorative sculptures on elevation of the northern wing of the Wilanów Palace, 2008.
  2. Laser renovation of Graves of Government Members in Exile, Polish Avenue in the Montmartre Cemetery, Paris, 2007.
  3. Laser renovation of the Main Portal of Collegiate Church inTum, near Łęczyca, 2006.
  4. Laser renovation of Niedrwicki Family’ Sarcophagus sculptured by Santi Gucci, 2006.
  5. Laser renovation of Batory’s Chapel in Wawel Cathedral, 2005.


  1. Self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system „Poprad”.
  2. Anti-aircraft set ZSU-23-4MO „Biała".
  3. Thermal weapon sights for small arms.
  4. System for biological weapon detection.
  5. Systems for spectral characteristics investigations of dangerous materials in THz range.
  6. Optoelectronic system of anti-fire and explosion damping.
  7. Universal measuring system for investigations of night-vision devices.
  8. Two-colour scattering lidar.
  9. Scattering lidar for underwater investigations.
  10. Fluorescence lidar.
  11. Pulse Er:YAG,  Tm:YLF,  Ti:Al2O3,  Ho:YAG lasers.
  12. Laser meter of vehicle velocity.
  13. Laser photography system – registration of images using time-spatial framing.